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Playing with Textiles and the Introduction of
Great Running Pickle Company


Since the closing of SBW:fine textiles in 2004 my works have been varied including: gold and silver jewelry, mixed media assemblage, textiles in 2D and 3D form, painting, collage, ceramics, woodworking (self taught carpentry), creative writing, home and garden design.

For many years I looked at the accomplishments of artist friends whose creations and materials have remained constant over the years and wondered if maybe I was not a REAL artist if I couldn't stick to one thing.

Then I began to notice a few other people who did small bodies of work in one medium and then another body of work in an entirely new material, exhibiting, creating, moving on, exploring, creating, exhibiting etc. I was not alone and soon I contacted Artist Peter Gealey in California who agreed to design a logo that expressed my studio identity using some of his familiar animated vegetable cartoons. The vision was of‚ "running with many ideas," being part of a group but having a unique look to everything I create. At the time I was also in the throes of harvesting cucumbers from my garden in Vermont and making pickles from the hand written recipes given to me by my grandmother, Marjery Simmons and VIOLA!! PICKLES!!

So I Present
A Studio for Creative Thought and Accomplishment