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Image Above
Left side:
Pima Cotton Duster, Indigo shibori dye
Event Coat, woven silk, bark cloth fabric, vintage kimono lining, hand dyed velvet
Right Side
silk organza evening gown shibori indigo dyed

Samples of Experiments with “ECO” Dyed Textiles
Pima Cotton • Silk Organza • Eucalyptus
Indigo • Buddlea Dyes • Iron Prints


“Remembering folks and a few of their favorite things"
“Assemblage Materials:
tintypes • steel plate with patina • buttons • bamboo • bones • porcelain knobs
ribbon • vintage fabric • enameled tin • antique toaster parts • antique fishing lures • paint •
copper flowers • cast bird • antique upholstery glass trim • bakelite manicure tools • wood spool
antique ruler • etched copper • violin peg • clock gears • time
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Pride of Szeged
Always Together
Sunday Pinafores
Aunt Hattie
Mary In The Morning
Gone Fishing
Home On The Farm
Hometown Heros

Below is a new series of Assemblage Neckpieces titled “It’s About Time”
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It's About Time #1 Back
Materials for Manufacture
include a selection of the following:

Antique Clock Pendulum
Antique Steel Compass,
Etched Copper,
Vintage African Brass Bead,
Vintage Bird Print,
Bailing Wire,
Etched Silver,
Etched Nickel,
Brass Clock Gears,
Bakelite Nail File ,
Antique Bone Beads,
Carnelian Brooch,
Vintage Fishing Lure,
Silver Chain
It's About Time #1 Front
It's About Time #3
It's About Time #4 Baa Ram Ewe
It's About Time #2 Gone Fishing

These Pieces were in the "Beyond Reason" February Show
The show was held in Mendocino at Oddfellows Hall


This piece is "Gate Way To Heaven"


"A Secret Well Kept?"
Photography on Organza and Watercolor Paper • 5 feet tall x 38 inches wide

Masks and Mirrors
Odd Fellows Hall, Mendocino, California
January 2017
Featuring my latest works are large collages Titled
“An Amazing, Aging, Single, Woman, Artist: Excerpts from Life”

The Amazing Aging
Single Woman Artist
Excerpts from Life

Winter in the nest
I have turned into an amazing, aging, single, woman, artist who eats Doritos heavy with scoops of tuna salad and dips chips in the big container of yogurt getting her hand covered with the cold white stuff... then licks her fingers off and wipes her mouth on the sleeve of her tattered old, very old, green sweat shirt that was one of the last articles of clothing that her, now dead, husband wore days before his death and then tosses a few of the remaining peanuts from the big jar on the table to the loyal black dog lying next to her on the couch which is leather so the dog hair doesn’t show and then takes off her bra to be more comfortable while she reads her last borrowed book from the library and tosses the bra onto the pile of only half dirty clothes on the chair next to the dining room table but then thinks better of leaving the dingy thing on top of the pile and gets up to cover it with her pajama bottoms which wait for 4:30 to come so she can put them back on again. Surely no one will come to her house at that hour.

Bringing home the bacon
Being an amazing, aging, single, woman, artist has its advantages like being able to turn on the light any time she wants to without annoying anyone else, being able to eat the last piece of bacon in spite of the fact that her mother once told her that the best and last should always go the “MAN” and realizing that the “MAN” probably didn’t give a shit anyway but felt that something was off if he wasn’t at least offered the tasty morsel but now she has sisters who are the watch dogs over her life instead of her dead mother and they reprimand her for drinking gin in her tea when she is ALONE which means, she thinks, that she must be turning into an alcoholic at this late date and they reprimand her for using her chainsaw when she’s ALONE because she might chop off her leg and who will rescue her if they aren’t there, and for continuing to climb the ladder to sleep in her cozy loft because they have nightmares about finding her dead in a pool of blood having fallen while climbing up or down ALONE ....but she knows she is still strong and besides... that tea with gin is just the thing when one is checking that dating site for Mr Right...the “MAN” who gets the bacon.

Faking it
This amazing, aging, single, woman artist has been faking it for the last three years...oh GOD... and it’s not even sex... but rather a stubborn computer which has a mind of its own and won’t cough up emails when she wants them but she does notice that the stove works just fine when she changes settings so why not the computer. She has been brave when trying new positions... oh... here it is again... to hold the computer on her lap..forget the sex talk... she’s ALONE..... oh sorry.....and has been trying to figure this out by herself and now the dog is standing in front of her staring.. p.s.... she thinks he secretly knows how to work this computer.......... maybe she should get him a treat and while her back is turned he can straighten out her email...

If there’s one thing the amazing ,aging, single, woman, artist is sure of it’s that she was never taught how to clean a house and wonders if that is something that mothers other than her own made sure their daughters knew how to do because after all she comes from a time at the end of an era when not only was it still the woman’s job to keep the home looking sparkly but everyone knew that it would never be possible to attract a man who would support her for the rest of her life so she wouldn’t have to work if she didn’t have the right skills to entertain her husbands’ “boss” and his perfect wife who came to dinner only because they had recently invited all of the office to their amazingly clean house for a Christmas party and now expected to have each couple reciprocate. BUT… because this amazing, aging, single, woman, artist had a mother who neglected to teach her many things a young woman should know she has lived in an ignorant state of bliss …she collects and displays her art and her treasures layering, hanging, piling, stepping over, leaning, arranging and rearranging in a new home made more for comfort than to impress and when her niece who is a neat freak and must have been born in the wrong era drops by just before this years holiday party to see the place for the first time and says, “How on earth do you ever dust all this stuff?”… the amazing, aging, single, woman, artist says,

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The Amazing Aging
Single Woman Artist
Excerpts from Life

Tools How did I get to be this amazing, aging, single, woman , artist who spends way too much time checking her email in the hope that an amazing man might contact her through a dating site and is willing to overlook her sagging belly, mostly unshaved legs,except during the summer when it might be necessary to wear shorts or a skirt into town or bring her legs out from under the rungs of the chair and cross them to appear casual....of course this then leads to the horror and realization that it has been several years since she had a pedicure and while blundering through writing the self description on the dating sight might have mentioned that she likes to have her feet rubbed..... well the least she can do is trim her toenails, just in case.... maybe she should make an appointment to have that pedicure.... wait.... there is some sand paper on the work table..it might be just the thing for her calluses and then she won’t have to be embarrassed at the beauty parlor.... better wait till she’s sure it will be appreciated and anyway she might need the sandpaper for the new piece she’s working on.

Cleaning out the closet
Somehow I have become an amazing aging, single, woman, artist with a strange conglomeration of clothes in her closet that tell the story of her life..there’s the long velvet dress and a jacket which closes with big, black knotted buttons and is made from an antique japanese temple cloth given to her by an artist friend... it became the outfit worn for a beautiful warm winter solstice wedding to an amazing man... oh my.... she nostalgically reaches for the clothes hanging limply on their padded hangers, sheds her frayed, stained overalls which her sisters hate(they tell her all the time) and they fall in a forgotten heap on the floor ...she slips the dress then the jacket over her head,... the dog is barking..how sweet.... he is excited that she looks so amazing.... just as she did on that wedding day so long ago...The dog is still barking and jumping around... Oh how wonderful to be so appreciated even if it is just the dog..... She didn’t know dogs had such an appreciation for clothing.... She twirls for her four legged audience and remembers the wedding day...now the dog is jumping at the window, running back and forth, back and forth to the door...... GOD.... is it really possible that the UPS man has really chosen this time to deliver a missing package… oh!… the pallet buster she ordered has been found!! Exciting!! A new tool! A japanese temple cloth jacket with the big, black knotted buttons might be just the thing to wear with overalls for busting pallets!!

My Way
Being an amazing, aging, single, woman, artist means that she has time to remember, imagine, rearrange events to her liking....

Daydream: She pushes her first husband, the cheater, in a deep hole or…. although quite unlikely .. he proclaimed his shame and remorse over having an affair..her choice now..

For real: she became a respected artist which she never would have done if she had stayed with him because he said quite loudly that she would NEVER make any money with her art.

Daydream: Publishers Clearing House has had trouble finding her house on the one lane dirt road, her birthday is being planned by everyone in the village, the band has been practicing and the balloons are already strung.. Oh MY GOD!!...the tuba player fell in the snowbank and there is a clarinet leaning against the tree which means….something.

For real: Her youngest daughter threw a terrific party for her seventieth birthday complete with a band and good friends.

Daydream: The audience begins to settle in their seats, the conductor lifts his baton and nods to the amazing, aging ,single ,woman artist who lifts her violin and begins to play the Hungarian Rhapsody. It is not lost on the audience that her beloved husband was Hungarian.

For real: She has started learning to play “Over the Rainbow” on the ukulele.... so it does not have to lean against the wall in the corner like all the other instruments she has dreamed of playing..

For real: she and her eldest daughter went to a ukulele festival on Martha’s Vineyard and that weekend was perfect and does not need rearranging.